Prekonaj svoje limity

Dobrodružné preteky pre vesmírnych nadšencov

You might be dreaming about space long time. Join the race and try to raise your limits! You will meet people from over the globe with the same overview effect. Grand prize will be out of this world. Test your skills in astronaut training in multiple challenges and find your physical and mental capabilities.

We guarantee you a great adventure race and memories on day, when you were aiming for the stars.

Pass your limits, be a #spcmn!

Spaceman Championship 2017 will take place in Areál Divoká Voda - Čunovo, Bratislava on 1. September 2017

Guaranteed prizes:

1st place - ZeroG parabolic flight (worth 9000 euro)

2nd place - Jet flight (worth 700 euro)

3rd place - Luminox watch (worth 400 euro)

4th place - Quadcopter


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Use the unique code from ticket to register at the venue before start of the race

Race Schedule:

Candidate arrival: 6:00 - 11:00
Stage 1: 8:00 - 12:00
Stage 2: 13:00 - 18:00

Arrival and starting pack:

Candidates must present themselves at the venue at least 30 minutes before their starting time slot
Your starting timeslot will be communicated by email
Candidate will receive a starting pack with time-chip
Please bring completed forms: statement of health and agreement with privacy policy. This will speed up your presentation

Examples of disciplines:

Obstacle race

Mental and physical testing

Spaceman workout race

Flying with drone

Zipline secret discipline

Flight simulator

Health check


Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the stages and disciplines.

Evaluation of stages:

Top 10% of candidates will advance to Stage 2 (or minimum of 10 candidates will advance)

In the case of multiple candidates with the same scores at the cutoff point of top 10% and it is not clear who should advance to next round, there will be a quick shootout discipline which will decide who will advance to the next stage.

Organizer: Róbert Vokál

Stage supervisor: Martin Gašparovič

Sport advisor: Richard Varga

Space and science advisor: Jakub Kapuš

Air and aeronautics advisor: Andrea Brezoňáková

Ticket price:

Individual entry fee is 39,- EUR

Starting pack at the event includes:

  • Entry to Stage 1
  • Spaceman Championship T-shirt
  • Spaceman stickers
  • Time-chip (rental)
  • Refreshments
  • Online profile, Leaderboard
  • Showers, changing rooms, lockers
  • Parking on location

Age limit:


Insurance: Each candidate participates at their own risk and needs to individually ensure valid medical insurance. The Participant shall assume all the risks resulting from the participation in the Competition, shall bear full responsibility for potential injury or accident to his or other person participating in the Event and undertakes not to claim compensation for damages to property or injury from the Organizer. We advise candidates to undertake a medical examination before participation in the event

Secure lockers for your belongings and changing rooms are available close to start/finish of the race. Detailed information including the map will be on the web closer to the event itself

Refreshments: Each participant will get individual refreshment after passing the finish line

Medical and emergency services: Will be present in the start and finish of the race.

Contesting results: Any grievances have to be submitted in writing to the organizers at least 30 minutes before the announcement of results of the stage. The fee to log the protest is 20 EUR that will be refunded if the grievance is justified.

For full rules and conditions please see Bylaws and conditions of competition and Organizational regulations. By registering (activating the online account with a valid ticket) the participant agrees to follow these rules.

The organizer, Spaceman Organization s. r. o., reserves the right to change and adjust the details in the above propositions.

Spaceman Organization s. r. o., Šustekova 3643/8, 851 04 Bratislava, Slovenská republika, IČO: 50 247 158

Place and date of race:
Areál Divoká voda, Čunovo-vodné Dielo, Bratislava 59, Slovensko, 1.September 2017


Spaceman Organization s. r. o., Šustekova 3643/8, 851 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Mobile: +421 904 941 595, IČO: 50 247 158

E-mail: - event info, partners, press